Server Management

Keeping your company’s information safe and secure is our number one priority here at Team IT in Grand Rapids. Don’t let anyone know your company’s trade secrets. By trusting a managed server provider you do not have to worry about the latest trends, or if you have the newest security patches.

We understand that uptime, security, and reliability are of utmost importance to any company, this is why you should trust Team IT as your server management team. We work on complex issues on servers to reduce downtime, improve performance and help web hosts reduce their support costs.

Services We offer

  • Initial Server installation
  • Mail Server setup
  • DNS configuration
  • Downtime Notifications
  • Automated and monitoring of updates.
  • Offsite Backup
  • Exchange Migration to the cloud
  • Protecting servers from viruses and spam
  • Keeping servers tuned up
  • 6 Hour Response time for tickets
  • PCI Compliance
  • Monitoring Stats
  • Disaster Recovery and Support

There are multiple different options for servers and we are here to help make it simple. We will handle all the hardware specifications and ensure the server is going to work for your business. Site surveys will be done free of charge for all of our clients. There is not a company out there that can’t benefit from a server. We are not just limited to Windows servers and are known to implement Ubuntu file servers.

All Ubuntu file servers come with the ZFS file system. The best file system on the market for redundancy, security, and stable. Check out our page ZFS File Storage for more info.