Gnome 3.24 is here

It has been several years since I have used Gnome regularly. Gnome 3 has always attracted me but I did not feel that it was ready to be my daily driver. With that said, the latest release of Gnome is here. Version 3.24, and I must say it is very nice and fast. The slowness that I remember is gone, and the minimalist approach allows me to make the most efficient use of my workspace.

Gnome 3.24 brings several new features, a few are:

  • Night Light
  • Recipes. An application literally full of recipes.
  • Builder – A powerful development IDE

You can see the official release here

I am test driving Gnome 3.24 on Ubuntu 17.04 beta, which comes standard with Gnome 3.24 and Kernel 4.10.