Grand Rapids Business IT Services

Team IT Computers understand that no matter how careful people think they are being on the internet, chances are you will still end up with a virus. They can come from either  emails, web pages, or free software. Our software partners can surely remove these pesky viruses. It is hard to find a good IT business services, we are the answer to that need.

It is our goal to get you back on track to finish your next project as well as your next business proposal. As a result, we want your systems running smooth as to prevent downtime. Utilize, Team IT for your IT Business services today.

  • ZFS File Storage

    File servers uniquely built for the business environment. The features of ZFS also include:

    • Protection against data corruption
    • Support for high capacity storage
    • Efficient data compression
    • Snapshots
    • Continuous integrity checking and automatic repair
  • Remote Management and Monitoring

    We work proactively with your computers to prevent viruses from infecting your systems through remote management and then we wait for any negative activity. Our software monitors your computer 24/7 keeping track of logs, and as a result we can prevent unwanted activity before damage can be done.

  • Next Day/On-Site

    Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it taking your computer to a store to have it fixed. Because we understand that there isn’t always enough time in one day, we want you to let us come and fix any problems right at your office. Moreover, we can schedule on site visits same day you call if it is an emergency.

  • Security Camera Systems

    Do you get the feeling someone is sneaking around or have you had items go missing? With the quick installation of security cameras you can rest easy at night. We are well versed in camera installations in Grand Rapids. Not to mention, our DVR’s will allow you to record up to a month of footage!

  • Web hosting and design

    If you want to grow your business, you will need a responsive and attractive website. We can provide a well structured, beautiful website, and consequently will be easy for anyone to navigate through. Your website is probably your best marketing tool for potential customers in today’s generation.

    We provide our customers with outstanding service with an equally outstanding web hosting service. Know your website is being hosted with an honest, transparent company that aims to please, and is uniquely responsive to you personally.

  • Server Management

    Keeping your servers up to date and safe from hackers can be difficult, so Team IT is here to help. With our management software we can detect unwanted intruders before they can cause any damage. Click the icon to learn more!

  • Network Security

    Team IT specializes in using PFSense to keep your network safe from hackers. Do you know what firewall your business is behind? Most people think the standard home routers are enough, rather, they are no match for even novice hackers. Therefore, you need to utilize Team IT’s excellent network security measures. Whereas other companies just want your money, we want your success.

  • Computer Security

    For your business, we will make sure your computer and information are secure from unknown parties who want your valuable information. Hence, we have partnered with Avast Cloud Care to secure your computer from those unknown intruders.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    As professional Web Designers and SEO service providers, we can help you get the online traffic you need, while improving conversion ratios, and making sure you grow online and as a business. Unless you want the competition to get the upper hand, you definitely want us optimizing your website and online services.