Grand Rapids Business IT Services

Team IT Computer Services understands that no matter how careful people think they are being on the internet, chances are you will still end up with a virus. They can come from either email, web pages, or free software. Our software partners can surely remove these pesky viruses. Our Business IT Services will help your business focus on what you do best instead of worrying about your computers.

It is our goal to get you back on track to finish your next project as well as your next business proposal. As a result, we want your systems running as smoothly as possible to prevent downtime. Utilize, Team IT Computer Services for your IT Business services today.

ZFS File Servers & Storage

File servers uniquely built for the business environment. The features of ZFS also include:

  • Protection against data corruption
  • Support for high capacity storage
  • Efficient data compression
  • Snapshots
  • Continuous integrity checking and automatic repair

Enterprise Wireless Soltuions

Looking for a wireless solution that will continue to grow with your business? Team IT Computer Services has solutions to fit any businesses need with their WiFi. From networks that need to support 20 users to a network that needs to support 100,000 users. Good wireless is a key to keeping customers and employees happy in your business.

Cloud-based, endpoint security platform that makes management of threats significantly faster and easier to monitor and resolve issues. Avast Cloudcare delivers multiple layers of protection for your computer. Windows, MAC, and Server security powered by the worlds largest threat detection network.

Server Administration is making sure your company’s IT infrastructure is running smoothly. Here at Team IT Computer Services, we have the tools and knowledge to keep your servers up and running with little to no downtime. We are happy to assist with anything from simple updates to managing your entire company’s database.

Network Security

Team IT Computer Services specializes in using PFSense to keep your network safe from hackers. Do you know what firewall your business is behind? Most people think the standard home routers are enough, rather, they are no match for even novice hackers. Therefore, you need to utilize Team IT’s excellent network security measures. Whereas other companies just want your money, we want your success.

Remote management and Monitoring

IT monitoring & management with a built-in ticketing system for quicker problem-solving. With the use of automation, no more worrying about windows updates or annoying program updates. No more waiting for windows to update during the workday. Spend less time waiting for your computers to work correctly, and more time focusing on what you do best. Includes a built-in chat feature for instant support.

Web Hosting & Design

A responsive and attractive website is a necessity to grow your business. Team IT Computer Services provides a well structured, beautiful website, and consequently will be easy for anyone to navigate through. Your website is your best marketing tool for potential customers in today’s generation.

We provide our customers with outstanding service with an equally outstanding web hosting service. Know your website is being hosted with an honest, transparent company that aims to please, and is uniquely responsive to you personally.

Security Camera Systems

If you are looking for crystal clear images of your facility we have a solution for you. Camera systems that can support from 1 to 200 security cameras. With the use of IP camera’s, we are able to decrease the number of cables needed, unlike traditional camera systems. From 2 megapixel to 6 megapixel cameras, our systems can fit into any budget you have.