Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus is an essential software you need to have on your computer not only to remove any existing viruses, but also to prevent future viruses. People generally don’t think about security software for their computer as a result Anti-Virus software is less common. Downloading applications or files daily without knowing where they are from can slow down your computer in addition to installing unwanted harmful software on your devices.

There are several signs of there being a virus on your device. These symptoms can range from your computer running slower than it used to or your computer acting strangely. Examples of strange behavior include: strange pop-ups, slow starting, or random crashing. These symptoms may be due to a computer virus. Viruses hurt the performance of your computer and as a result slow down your daily tasks. Hence, we have partnered with Avast CloudCare to be able to offer the best virus protection on the market.

What is A Computer Virus? 

A virus is a piece of code or software that installs itself on your computer without the user’s knowledge. Viruses use memory and space of the computer until it appears slow or even stops working. The Virus will replicate itself and spread, due to this the affected areas are then said to be “infected” with a computer virus.

Computer viruses are dangerous to your computer. If not taken care of soon enough, you can risk spending a lot of time and money to get your computer fixed or even losing some or even all of your data. Depending on the severity and type of your virus, a hacker could be accessing your computer, as a result they could steal any information they wanted without you realizing it.

How Did the Virus Get on My Computer?

Viruses are most commonly spread through email. Hackers send out mass emails to thousands of different email addresses disguised as something or someone important. A common trick is sending a package tracking email posing as the UPS. When the user clicks “Track My Package” a download automatically starts and a virus installs itself.

Here are a few visible ways a computer viruses can infect your machine:

  • Downloadable toolbar’s
  • Free music downloads
  • Free game downloads
  • Click bait advertisements

Simple web browsing can lead to infecting your computer. This is why we recommend Avast CloudCare which is available through us at Team IT Computers. Avast helps to stop viruses in their tracks. Routine checks are scheduled by the Avast Software to scan for any unwanted files or programs. In conclusion, if a computer has a virus the Avast Anti Virus software will identify it and remove the virus.