Nearing the end of CryptoLocker

Source: MalwareBytes

CrytoLocker  Encryption was first released back in September 2013. CryptoLocker is classified as a Trojan horse virus that will go through a users computer and encrypt all office, Adobe, Pictures, and music files. CryptoLocker will encrypt these files with the utmost security and holds your files ransom. Typically there will be a file located on your desktop that gives the user instructions on how to unlock their files. It will ask for an amount of money in the form of bitcoin. If you pay in bitcoins, you have a 50% chance of them actually sending the correct key to unlock your files.

CryptoLocker was finally stopped in 2014 but other companies have taken  the name and created similar viruses. Software is available for users to download to de-crypt their files for FREE! Emisoft has released various versions of tools to help you get your files back. Depending on the file extension, you can pick which program will work for you.

To stay ahead of the game, MalwareBytes has created Anti-Ransomeware. This program runs on a users computer actively to intercept anything trying to encrypt your files without your permission.  Download this tool for free at www.bleepingcomputer.com (Anti-Malware Tool)

Do not pay for your files back without using these resources. Bit coins are only going up in price and it’s not worth paying for something you can get back for free. If you have any trouble using these tools give us a call here at Team I.T. Computes and we will be more than happy to assist you!


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