Having Issues With Your Display?

broken_displaySuddenly one day your computer screen does not come on like it used to. 

Computer screens are very delicate and you must be cautious of how you close your laptop or where you have your monitor placed. It can be very frustrating when your getting a reflection of yourself in a black screen. Many people think that the computer is dead or worthless when they do not get a display.

The most common damage that happens to screens is physical damage. The physical damage happens more to tablets and phone screens. Typically cables don’t go bad and is a rare occasion when they do. Luckily for you, there are ways to tell if your computer if your screen is bad or if the problem is with the computer.

The Normal “Ware and Tear”

Often computers start to have parts going bad inside the computer after 3-5 years. We all wish computers would run forever but, unfortunately it’s just a matter of time before something fails. A common problem that can cause screens to go bad is the inverter. An inverter converts DC (direct current) electricity into AC (alternating current) electricity. This powers the back light of your screen. Without the back light, everything becomes very dim and hard to see. Unfortunately there’s not an easy way to test if the inverter fails, without replacing it with a new one.

Physical Damage to Screens

In this day and age, technology is becoming smaller, lighter, and thinner. When there is just a little bit of a bend or pressure applied to the screen it may break. Roughly when there is around 3-5 pounds of pressure applied to the screen it can crack or become defective. There are certain indications to look out for when your computer screen is physically damage. If there is any water that has been spilled on the screen, then there will be water stains left on the screen (where you missed wiping the water off at). Now if there was pressure applied to the screen then you will notice your screen being distorted or black spots on the screen. If you crack your screen, you will be able to clearly see the cracks. 

Indications your computer is working

If you are not sure your computer is working or not, here are some ways you can see if your computer is receiving power. One of the ways you can tell if your laptop is receiving power is by looking just below your track pad (aka mouse pad) where there is normally a row of lights with symbols indicating if it is receiving power. Another way is by looking at the power supply or the charger of your laptop are receiving power to provide for your computer or laptop. The last and most obvious indication is if you simply hit the power button and your computer/laptop will not turn on.

At Team I.T. Computers we are used to screen replacements, so we are able to diagnose the issue relatively fast. If you are ever in need of a screen replacement, and do not want to spend large amount of money on it, make sure to stop in at Team I.T. Computers and we will be able to get that issue resolved in a reasonable time frame and with a reasonable price!

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